Healthcare – ACA, EMR, EHR, FMS’s problems – technical and political – run deepCBS News

Nearly a month after its rollout, the Obama administration is still grappling with major problems on, the federal website through which Americans 
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Obama: problems are “frustrating”CBS News

Since the launch of Obamacare’s insurance exchanges Oct. 1, the website that governs the marketplace in 36 states,, has been beset by 
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He and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius were slow to acknowledge the scope of the problems with, and overall the 
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Health care call centers: ‘Controlled chaos’

WASHINGTON — An elderly man calls to ask if the land he owns will count as income to qualify for health coverage through Medicaid. A legal immigrant asks if 
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Health Insurance Options Aren’t Limited to Obamacare ExchangesNew York Times

With so much attention being paid to the troubled debut of the Obama administration’s health insurance exchanges, another alternative has largely gone 
See all stories on this topic » is ‘fixable’ by end of November: White

“Let me be clear: is fixable,” said Zients, who announced a new “general contractor” will oversee the aggressive push to repair that site.
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GE Healthcare Announces FDA Approval of Vizamyl(TM MarketWatch

PRINCETON, N.J., Oct 25, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE) — GE Healthcare today announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of Vizamyl(TM) 
See all stories on this topic » problems to be fixed by end of Nov.Jackson Clarion Ledger

Jeff Zients, President Barack Obama’s former director of the Office of Management and Budget who was brought in this week to right’s sinking 
See all stories on this topic »’s problems will be fixed in a monthDetroit Free Press

WASHINGTON — The troubled website will be running properly by late November, said Jeffrey Zients, President Obama’s appointee to fix the 
See all stories on this topic » “will work smoothly” by end of Nov., HHS saysCBS News

Acknowledging several dozen major problems with, the Health and Human Services Department on Friday promised that the federal 
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What’s Wrong With’s Price Estimator – ProPublicaProPublica

In the early days of, I praised the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for publishing a dataset with sample rates for every health plan 
ProPublica: Articles and Investigations
PolitiFact | More misinformation about health care

It’s been more than three weeks since the Obamacare marketplaces opened for business, and debate over the law is going strong. Here’s are some of the stories from National
Obamacare | | Glitches – Legal InsurrectionMandy Nagy

An official overseeing fixes for the issue-plagued Obamacare website says the site will be working properly by the end of November.
Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion now deliberately displaying false pricing information By J. D. Heyes now deliberately displaying false pricing information to trick the public.
ExcitingAds! Naturals
JURIST – Paper Chase: Federal appeals court upholds health care Peter Snyder

JURIST – Paper Chase: Federal appeals court upholds health care law contraception mandate.
Paper Chase
Some States Reporting Unbelievably Low Health Care Enrollment Josh Feldman

The Obamacare rollout has left much to be desired; so much so, in fact, that a few states have reportedly enrolled absolutely no one so far. And there are still 
Daily Chronicle | Locals get educated on health care plans

Locals get educated on health care plans. Investigation into website underway. By ERIC R. OLSON – with Associated Press reports.
Ukiah homeless shelter expanding services to offer mental health careBy TIFFANY REVELLE

Ukiah Daily Journal The CEO of Ukiah’s homeless shelter is looking forward to offering mental health services again for the first time in more than two years, but 
5 keys to successful health care shopping – seattlepi.comBy The Associated Press

Patients are being pushed to shop more for health care by insurance plans that require them to pay higher out-of-pocket costs. Don’t make a big bill even larger Health & Science News From the Associated Press
National Review ‘pwns’ HealthCare.Gov! — GraniteGrokMike

National Review ‘pwns’ HealthCare.Gov! by Mike. National Review’s November 11th Issue completely fisks HealthCare.Gov!
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For Obama, health care woes may have staying power – Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: For nearly five years, Republicans have struggled to make a scandal stick to President Barack Obama’s White House. One by one, the
Another month of fixes for health care website – Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: WASHINGTON (AP) — It should be working well by the end of November. That’s the Obama administration’s rough timetable for completing a…
Obamacare: Will Be Fixed By End of November 

The Obama administration says the problem-plagued website will be working properly by the end of November and that the government has…/obama-administration-promises-health-care…
Wonkbook: How looks to a health IT pioneer

If you watched Thursday’s monkey court — sorry, heath care hearing, you didn’t learn much save this: Democrats have a policy interest in fixing’s…/wonkbook-how-healthcare-gov-l…
This graphic explains how is broken

At this point, most of us know that is not working quite right. Defining what exactly has gone wrong, however, is a bit more of a difficult task.…/this-graphic-explains-how-health…
Obama’s tech expert becomes target over healthcare website woes 

From Yahoo News: By Roberta Rampton and Sarah McBride (Reuters) – Todd Park has gone from steering his healthcare information technology company…
Majority of Americans Want Healthcare Mandate Delayed – Breitbart

Rasmussen reports that more than half of U.S. voters polled want to delay the requirement that everyone must purchase health insurance.…/Majority-of-Americans-Want-Healthcar…
Daily Kos: Sign up for health care insurance under the ACA 

Does the website have issues? Yes, more issues than a virtual magazine stand. However, I’m getting more than a bit frustrated with the narrow…/-Sign-up-for-health-care-insurance-und…
Admin: Will Be Fixed By End Of November

Federal officials said Friday that would be working smoothly for the  “The top-line result is that the site is fixable,” Zients said.…/admin-healthcare-gov-will-work-s…
Great News: More People Have Lost Health Insurance Than Have 

When President Obama shoved his signature piece of legislation down the throats of the American people without a single Republican vote, he did it after…/great-news-more-people-have-lost-health-ins…

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