Four step Cybersecurity process and more

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From the Desk of Amitabh B Ghosh

When  organizations were implementing systems, security was an afterthought… now after couple of decades we are talking of implementing the cybersecurity framework in which privacy and civil liberties is kind of after thought as it shows up in an appendix by itself. It could also be that it is so important, that we do not want another  BAH contractor breach a.k.a NSA  .. which could have been avoided if the  cybersecurity Framework were in place.

Four step  Cybersecurity process

Step 1.  Cyber Hygiene  a.k.a awareness – Train and educate your intangible assets – PEOPLE

Step 2. Cyber Process a.k.a Business –   Know and document details of your Business – PROCESSES

Step 3  Cyber Policies a.k.a Regulation ( compliance) – Is you Business in compliance – POLICIES

Step 4  Cyber Products a.k.a Technologies – Using technology to solve business issues – PRODUCTS

At every step, identify the risk and a…

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